Bookworms, your time has come. It’s been a few years since geek became the new chic and what better way to celebrate your inner nerd and bibliophile than by heading to a festival that’s all about words. Enter The Stoke Newington Literary Festival. London’s most exciting new event that dedicates a long weekend to writers, poets, graphic novelists and other brilliantly creative people. SNLF (as we like to call it for short) will be gracing the streets of north-east London for the fourth time since it launched in 2010 and this year you can expect a bumper programme that’s teeming with literary stars, cult authors and a lot of fun. Not sure what event you should be attending? We’ve picked our top four…

Thurston Moore and Friends

Thursday 7.30pm – The Babble Jar

Okay, if there’s one band that’s associated with the hippest folk around it’s Sonic Youth. Never did we think a literature festival in north London would be the catalyst to bring the edgy guitarist Thurston Moore to perform an intimate set but we can’t help but love that he’s found himself headlining at our local pub. We’re not exactly sure what this set will entail but we’re pretty sure it will be 100% awesome.

The Science of Doctor Who

Saturday 12.30pm – Library Gallery

Doctor Who fans are a dedicated, hardcore bunch. The unlikely duo of Mark Brake, professor of science and communications, and rapper Jon Chase will be unpicking everything you need to know about The Doctor in easily digestible themes – space, monsters, etc. There’ll even be a little bit of rap!

Literary Death Match

Saturday 8pm – Library Gallery

It’s not quite as scary as it sounds. The Literary Death Match is the perfect marriage of books and performance. Four writers face off to perform the best reading of their own – often new- work and three scathing judges will grill their literary skills. What ensues is a hilarious evening of banter, books and a lot of impassioned readings. The pen really is mightier than the sword.

Caitlin Moran

Sunday 4pm – Stoke Newington Town Hall

Need we say anymore? The eyeliner loving and most eloquent ranter of them all, Moran, will be doing what she does best and chatting it out on Sunday afternoon. The self-confessed Topshop fan will be doing a Q&A with the standout Suzanne Moore (an equally amazing woman in the media). Expect plenty of japes and biographical stories from Moran’s wild childhood but also an inspiring bit of chat from the most interesting and exciting feminist writer out there.

Get your tickets here – they’re £50 for the whole weekend and individual tickets come at a pop.