Embrace your inner domestic goddess and start bringing the party back to your house with the sparkling easy-as-pie secrets to making your next ‘do’ totally amazing. Our favourite Frenchie and queen of the DIY, Lisa Gachet is the brains behind the mouthwatering blog, Make My Lemonade and is now turning to the print world. The bubbly and brilliant Make My Party is Gachet’s first foray into book-making and we can promise it’ll see you whipping up fashion-savvy cakes, glittering macaroons and jaw-dropping decorations in the blink of an eye. Jam-packed with starry creative ideas that you can easily turn your hand to, the fashion fanatic and cooking addict was inspired by her sugary sweet tooth and penchant for things for all things vintage.

Whether you’re a complete beginner in the kitchen or you’ve never attempted homemade bunting in your life, this is all about styling up any festive occasion as simply as possible. Whether you’re planning a cosy dinner with girlfriends, a romantic brunch with your lover or even a lavish Christmas diner, Lisa is on hand to help the cooking and decorating be as effective and simple for you and your friends aesthetic and tasting pleasure!

We’ve already got stuck in and had go at the citrus carrot cake, graphic monochrome pastries and frilly raspberry delights that’ll suit any tastebuds. (Yum!) Make My Party is a book shelf must-have treating you with 25 DIY recipes combining creative tips, paper crafts and awesome recipes so there’s no longer any excuse to get out of your turn to do Come Dine With Me!

Get the books here and read Lisa’s blog here.