This summer is a summer of movies for us Topshop girls! We’re in for a treat with our Silverlake movie screenings over in LA and are excited for Somerset House’s outdoor summer screenings here in London. But what we’re really looking forward to this summer is going to Paris next weekend for a drive-in cinema experience like no other. Now that’s not something we’ve done before and we can’t wait to see Parisians do cinema the classic American way!

The venue? The spectacular glass roof of the Grand Palais where Cinema Paradiso – Paris’ biggest drive-in cinema ever – has made its home. So girls, the time has come to put on a ‘50s dress, grab yourself a soda and some popcorn and sit back and relax!

The best thing is that for visitors like us, there’s no need to worry about driving there . The French have thought about everything so you can enjoy one of the cult movie scenes from films like Pulp Fiction and Dirty Dancing in one of the 35 pre-parked convertible Fiat 500s that are fitted with wireless headphones for a modern take on retro style. Cool right?

We can’t wait to enjoy a movie on this huge 35 square metre screen bang in the middle of Paris! And that’s not where the fun stops . You can also grab yourself some fluro vintage roller skates and get on the dancefloor and grab a bite at the American diner where Gita Seaton, Queen of the North-American cuisine, will be serving up her famous cheeseburgers.

So if you want to feel like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John cuddling up, be quick and get your special seat. Open until the 21st June, make like us Topshop girls and book a last minute trip to Paris for next weekend ! And if you’re in Paris already, all we can say is lucky you…