Many young hearts have been broken thanks to the musical presence of hot new thing Tom Odell. Most recently, the singer-songwriter has caused such a stir that he’s been chosen to take the Roundhouse stage at the iTunes Festival with none other than Elton John.

The 22 year old has been penning original material since the age of 13 and now has a huge fan base who are smitten with his moving vocals and impressive piano skills. His newest single “Grow Old With Me” pulled at our heart strings from the moment we heard it and since then, we’ve wanted to find out where all his material came from. We managed to grab some time with Tom earlier on in the year to talk inspiration, dreams and Chinese herbal medicine. Needless to say, we’re more in love with his voice than ever!

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What’s your “making music” process like? 

It’s kind of always changing and I never really stick to one method. I think the thing I’ve learnt from making an album is, you can’t force inspiration, but it’s important to be prepared for when it does come. So I always keep a notebook and dictaphone with me.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it? 

Piano. Lots and lots of piano. Also some singing. And some drums. And some bass.

What are your touring must-haves? 

There’s this special type of Chinese herbal medicine that I can’t pronounce the name of that really helps my voice. When I’ve had 4 hours sleep, been singing all day and need to do a gig, it really sorts me out. And next time I tour, I need to stock up because I ran out half way through the last tour and it’s impossible to find!

How would you describe your style? 

I wear Chelsea boots and black skinny jeans pretty much the whole time. And at the moment I’m wearing a lot of varsity jackets.

What was the inspiration or main message behind the new album? 

‘Write your troubles in the sand’, you know that quote? I guess the same applies to songwriting. Once I put my troubles in a song, they seem to disappear a little.

Who would be your dream collaborator? 

I’m a big film fan and I’ve always had this dream of working on a score or a soundtrack. The way music and film fit together, it fascinates me. I was lucky enough to work with this amazing director Jamie Thraves on a short film for Another Love. I really enjoyed that.

Tell us a little bit about Another Love.

It’s called “Another Love” and it’s the first song I ever showed to the world back in September of last year. Christopher Bailey decided to use it in his Burberry Fashion show and it’s kind of risen naturally since then. It’s nice to finally hear it on the radio.

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