Sofia Coppola may be a constant champion when it comes to fashion – the woman wears Marc Jacobs like no other – but when it comes to directing, her films are a little more hit and miss. We swooned over The Virgin Suicides and sat in awe after Lost in Translation but her more recent Marie Antoinette and Somewhere left us wanting. Enter her latest feature, The Bling Ring, which follows six fame-obsessed teenagers as they break in – usually through the front door – and rob the houses of Hollywood’s elite.

We can’t say she’s returned quite to the perfection of The Virgin Suicides but The Bling Ring is definitely a step up. Based on true events from 2007, part of the attraction is the story itself, where a group of high schoolers stole $3 million in cash and designer gear after googling celebrity’s home addresses. Another particular Topshop highlight was  the eye candy – and we don’t mean boys! – as the film is jam-packed with incredible pieces of clothes that are gaudily paraded about on screen. If you’re partial to poring over rows of Louboutins and racks of Herve Leger and fancy nosing into Paris Hilton’s LA mansion, then this is the film for you.

Minus all the gorgeous garbs and buzzing nightclub scenes there’s also a particular gem in the film in the way of Emma Watson. Yes, the nerdy Miss Granger has swapped her wizard robes and haughty intonations for uggs and a mighty good Californian accent that will have you thinking of The Hills. She is pretty much every girl (and mother’s) worst nightmare and it’s clear she relishes the new part. (Did we mention she even does a little bit of pole dancing?) So whether you fancy drooling over designer pumps or seeing Hermione in a new light The Bling Ring might just be what you’re after.

The Bling Ring is released in cinemas on July 5th – get a sneak peek of the film in the video below.