Still smitten by David Bowie’s breathtaking retrospective at London’s V&A, we were ridiculously excited when we came across another glitzy exhibition dedicated to one of our favourite decades, the all colourful, all glittering ‘70s. Under the name “Glam! The Performance of Style” the museum SCHIRN Kunsthalle in Frankfurt are set on showing how “glam” became a world wide phenomenon.

From the moment you step into this exhibition you can’t help but fall in love with one of fashion’s wildest eras! Life size perches a photo of Brian Eno with colorful eye shadow and glittery flared pants, in the middle Bryan Ferry poses with an Elvis-esque quiff and platform shoes and to the right David Bowie in an out of this world all-in-one. It’s the perfect intro to an exhibition where over a 100 works are displayed from disco balls to glittery curtains.

The ‘70s was all about re-inventing yourself and the perfect example (and our favourite snap in the whole exhibition) shows a black and white photograph of a glam fan sitting on her bed in her one-room apartment with a spiky David Bowie mullet! After seeing this exhibition, us Topshop girls will be definitely be looking at Rosy Music’s Bryan Ferry and acts like Iggy Pop when we need our next fancy dress party fix.

Showing until the 22nd of September, get over to Frankfurt if you can and get set to loose yourself in a world that’s glam, glam, glam!