In the ever-expanding blogosphere it’s quite a miracle to start a successful comeback once you’ve stopped. In that case Jessica Weiss is our wonder woman and knows how to make the digital fashion world buzz. After four years of co-blogging for LesMads – which soon became Germany’s most successful fashion blog – and a stint at the German Interview Magazine, she finally launched her fabulous “daily dose of fashion and beauty” blog named Journelles.

With all eyes on Berlin Fashion Week this month, we thought who better than Jessica to talk all things fashion and pick her favorite Topshop goodies. Between dashing from show to show she found some time to give us an inside look into her dearest blog baby, her first Topshop experience and her favourite Berlin hotspots.

What inspired the name Journelles?

I love the French word Journal and tried to make it a bit more feminine with the added “elles.” It stands for the written word by my female network.

How did you become a blogger?

I originally started out in 2007 by co-founding LesMads, which soon became Germany’s biggest blog. At that time we basically created the new genre “fashion blog” in Germany. What started out the hobby of two bored students became my day job. After one year at Interview Magazine Germany I decided to go back to my roots and built my own blogazine again, which is Journelles.

What do you love about your job?

I love the freedom it gives me, the chance to write, edit and photograph whatever I like, developing new ideas and categories all the time, creating the layout, being creative. I love to get up every morning to work, that’s great!

Tell us more about Journelles… What inspires your daily posting?

Mostly what I do. I try to create information and inspiration at the same time, which means I have regular categories such as Instagram portraits, career interviews, trend spotting and shopping the best items in the market. My own taste plays a big role, also in my flat.

What makes a successful blog?

First of all it is hard work to engage your readers all the time, offer them new interesting themes in high quality (pictures). I really try to show new perspectives, offering new stories that you haven’t seen somewhere else before. You need to be good at communicating (social media), but also with business partners, PR agencies and your readers. A website needs a USP and it is tough to follow a specific way all the time – which also means to say “no” to a lot of stuff.

What’s your first memory of Topshop?

Oxford Circus, 2004, we went inside and it was like a big party. I couldn’t believe there was so much good and affordable stuff in one place. Nobody wore skinny jeans in Germany at the time, but I bought my first pair at Topshop! I will never forget how people back home laughed at me at then.

Do you shop at Topshop?

I love your jeans, I always wear Jamie in black and grey!

Which is your current favourite Topshop collection and why?

Unique! It is really special; I love the quality and innovation.

How would you describe your style?

I think it’s a healthy mix between Scandinavian minimalism and French chic.

What are you going to wear at Berlin Fashion Week?

I’m gonna try the baggy leather pants, which is gonna be fun (MC Hammer!). I’ll combine them with a spaghetti strap top and plateaus.

What’s so special about Berlin Fashion Week?

The city is full of people – it is crazy to see how much is going on. Also in summer I love going from one place to another on my bicycle.

Who are you looking forward to see on the Berlin catwalks?

We have a lot of good young designers with a very minimalistic approach. I’m looking forward to Hien Le, Achtland and Vladimir Karaleev.

If you could ransack anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be?

Taylor Tomasi Hill’s! She is crazy.

Do you have a style rule you live by?

Be comfortable!

How would you describe the style people walking the streets of Berlin?

It’s Scandinavian sportswear, very casual, never too chic, sneakers, laid back and lots of black.

Describe us the perfect day out in Berlin? What are your hotspots?

Hanging out in the parks is great, cycle around, get some Thai food in Thai park, eat ice cream on beautiful bridges in Mitte and check out the flea markets. My hotspot is Soeur, a vintage store in Prenzlauer Berg, and Hay at Marron in Mitte for the best furniture.

What are you going do after all the Fashion Week excitement?

I’m getting a treatment at MDC cosmetics (beauty salon), perfect to calm down. Afterwards I’m going to meet all my friends I didn’t call throughout the week!