On a rainy day like today there’s nothing better than a brand new tune to get you feeling sunny on the inside. For us, it was the return of Eliza Doolittle and her pop-perfect new single, “Big When I Was Little” that had us nodding our heads and finding our inner zen.

It’s been three low-key years of touring and writing after Eliza’s big breakout hit “Pack Up” stormed the charts and propelled the spiral-haired songstress to the dizzy heights of pop. Eliza has now returned to the music battlefield with a brand new set of catchy and equally cutesy songs. So much for “the New Lily Allen” – Eliza has proved she can imagine her very own fresh London sound. With a mix of 90s-inspired styles and a full take on bold colours, her breezy new video is hitting us in the fashion sweet spot. We had a little chat with the singer-songwriter from Camden about style, her favourite London spots in London and her exciting comeback.

Tell us a bit about your new album, Miss Doolittle – is it a musical departure for you? Or more of an evolution would you say?

Hey! I think a bit of both. I think I have moved on from many things but there will always be me threading it together and like you said, evolving it. I’ve definitely been on a mad journey since my last album, I mean it’s been 3 years so it would be a shame if I hadn’t grown in any way. So I hope I have!

You recently worked with Disclosure on a hit single ‘You And Me’. Are you friends with the boys? What was the experience of working with them like?

I’d love to tell you but I’ve signed a nondisclosure agreement… HA! Nah, they are the loveliest and working with them was so much fun!

We’ve seen you around at London Fashion Week a fair bit. Do you like going to fashion shows? Who are your favourite designers?

Well, actually you guys were my favourite along with Louis Vuitton last season. Not just saying that. I’ve actually said that in other interviews already. I love the look with the slip and the fur… hook a girl up!

How would you describe your style? What are you go-to pieces? 

The things I like to wear change all the time. For me I love to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing but I also love to try new things.

We often see you out and about in little mini dresses, short shorts and trainers – don’t you ever have the urge to wear a floor length silver gown covered in feathers and a giant visor with ram’s horns on it a la Lady Gaga? 

Haha! Yeh on a daily. I actually haven’t worn short shorts for a while now… I get really into stuff and then I get over it and want to try new things… keeps me entertained!

What three things do you have to have with you when you’re out on the road?  

My laptop (it has all my music), iPhone so I can keep in touch with the people I lurrrve and a really good set of speakers so I can blast it nice and loud.

What’s the strangest venue you’ve ever played a gig in? 

I bet there’s been a few funny ones… but right now the 1st thing I think of is in my Mum’s living room for my Granddads 70th birthday!

As someone who’s lived all their life in London, can you recommend a hidden or secret place to go or thing to do that we might not have heard of? 

Hmmmmm there are so many hidden nooks and crannies in London, one that comes to mind that you might not know is this taxidermy shop on Essex Rd in Islington that has all these amazing preserved animals and it just looks like an insane jungle. I think it’s called Get Stuffed.

Get Eliza’s new single here.