This year we gave our Pinterest fans an opportunity not to miss: the chance to win a custom-made prom dress of their dreams! Two very lucky ladies bagged the amazing prize and we’ve already shown off the gorgeous style from our US winner Alina Pena last week but now it’s time for our UK winner, Saskia West, to step into the limelight. For Saskia it was all about classic prettiness, lace and a lot of white with a dress that looks straight from the shows at couture. Last month Saskia headed down to Topshop HQ for a full fitting before finally slipping into the dress of her dreams just a few weeks ago…

We chatted to our second Cinderella of the competition about the inspiration behind the dress and her big night at prom.

How did you find out about the competition?

I was just looking on the Topshop website (as I always do) and I came across the article about it and it sounded absolutely amazing – a custom dress made by Topshop! Who could ever turn an opportunity like that down? So, I thought I would give it a go as I would never know unless I tried.

What was the initial inspiration behind the dress?

I had been trying to think of ideas for my dress for a couple of months before and this competition was the perfect opportunity to put all these thoughts onto one [Pinterest] board. I didn’t have a specific dress that I took my inspiration from but I found so many pictures of dresses featuring lace and print – which I thought were wonderful – that I gradually built up an idea using those images.

What was it like coming to Topshop HQ and getting fitted?

Coming to Topshop HQ was fantastic! It was a dream come true and I absolutely loved it. The fitting of the dress was very new to me. Before I arrived I was a little apprehensive as it was something that I’d never done before but I had nothing to be scared about. It made me feel so special as I was having my very own dress that was a perfect fit for me! Not only that, having a photographer there to photograph me during the fitting was so cool. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and everyone was so friendly it made me feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

What make-up look did you wear with your prom dress?

I didn’t want anything that would detract from the dress so I wanted to keep the make-up quite natural but wear a bit more than I usually would on a normal day. I decided to go for a subtle smokey eye using a taupe and a gold colour, then a soft pink lip gloss to pick up on the rose buds in the print. On my nails I used a Topshop polish in Wistful  as it is a very subtle pink with a little bit of glitter.

Are there any people you look up to for style inspiration?

There are couple of people I look up to for style inspiration. I would say I don’t have a definite style; I like to try out new things. At the moment Cara Delevingne is one that I look up to for inspiration as I love her cool rock chick style and beanie hats. Also Leah McFall from the Voice – she wears lots of vintage pieces and her style is so alternative which I love because she doesn’t mind standing out and being different.

What were the reactions to your prom dress?

When I saw the dress after it had been finally completed I was so shocked as it was just beautiful! I still keep looking at the dress even though it’s not prom. Everyone that I have shown the dress to absolutely loved it, they all thought it was stunning!

What was the best bit about prom and how will you remember it?

The best bit about prom was definitely being able to wear my dress as I had been looking forward to wearing it for months and nobody else had a dress anything like it! I don’t think I could ever forget my prom as I now have my beautiful dress that will always be a reminder of the competition and of the prom.