We like nothing better than stumbling upon a new boy-girl musical team on a lacklustre Monday morning so were overjoyed when our ears pricked up the luscious sounds of dashing duo, Big Deal. Anglo-US indie pairing, Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood, may sound like a gambling company but are in fact a twosome that have been slowly but surely getting the music biz excited. They both do vocals and both play guitar to languorous perfection and there’s nothing missing even without a rhythm section. It’s our favourite brand of fuzzy dream-pop with a lot of moody guitar riffs that we can see ourselves sunning ourselves to. As for the lyrics, they’re awash with romance and young love and there’s even adorable references to homework and days at school, “can’t do my homework, I can’t concentrate … it’s ruining my grades.” This month they play London’s hip Madame Jo Jo’s and one of Topshop HQ’s top British music festival, Lovebox.We spoke to the boy half, Kacey, about making music and if music were food, what edible goods Big Deal would be.

What came before Big Deal?

We were all in different bands with less nice people. Alice was in a band called Pull in Emergency and I was in a bunch of different ones but most recently Little Death.

What’s your “making music” process like? 

One of us has an idea which we then bounce back and forth for as long or as little as possible til it resembles a song. It’s a lot like tennis, which we actually love as well.

Is it completely joint effort or does one of you lead the way? 

If I am serving, I tend to win. If Alice is serving, I also tend to win.  But it is always a very… ehem joint effort.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

We do our best not to ever try to describe our music. But since you asked: like unicorns arguing.

If your music was a food what would it be?

Ice cream.

What are your touring must-haves?

Fingernail clippers, Baraka and lots of good music to fill the drives with.

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, mostly hardly washed, second hand germ-infested rags.

Who would be your dream collaborator?

David Byrne and Joanna Newsom

Watch Big Deal’s latest music video below and listen to their new single Dream Machines, here.