Beautiful clothes may surround us from 9 to 5 but even us Topshop girls get the odd day when we’re feeling a little blue. For those mornings when not even our favourite breakfast can cheer us up – a tomato and mozzarella croissant from Pret, since you asked – it’s then we look to The Gos. That’s right, Mr Ryan Gosling a.k.a. love of our life, man of our dreams, etc.

One quick browse through his many dedicated stories on Buzzfeed, a screenshot of him in Blue Valentine or a replay of his Mickey Mouse Club days and we’re back on our A-game. Is it his cheeky smile, the glimmer in his eyes or his photo-shopped style bod in Crazy Stupid Love? We don’t know. But when even a short video dedicated to him refusing to eat his cereal gets us beaming with joy, we know he’s got something special.

Okay, we’ll stop gushing and get to the point. The lovely Ryan is starring in the movie we’ve been thinking about since we saw Ryan get behind the wheel and throw some serious car skills in Drive. Ryan has teamed back up with director Nicolas Winding Refn for another high-octane ride with Only God Forgives. There isn’t as much tyres-on-pavement-action in this flick but there’s plenty to get your teeth into. It’s already been nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes as well as getting 5 star reviews across the board.

This is Gosling as you’ve never seen him before, reinvented as a modern cowboy hero set in the dark and mysterious nightlife of the far east; it’s all heightened reality and neon lights. As for the rest of the cast, it’s worth mentioning Kristin Scott Thomas’ entrancing performance as the mafia Godmother who is unrecognizable in her Courtney Love-style costume and bleach blonde hair.

This isn’t a film for the light-hearted and if you were hoping for some rose tinted rom-com, then look elsewhere. If you are, however, after something to get your heart-racing then this might be just what you’re after.

Only God Forgives is out now in the USA and out in the UK next Friday. Watch the trailer below