I Only Want You to Love Me © Miles Aldridge 2011

With Fashion Week still a summer away, we’re looking for more visual inspiration to fullfill our inbetween-season fashion addiction. And so, photographer Miles Aldridge’s I Only Want You to Love Me exhibition, jam-packed with juicy stylish stills and striking well-dressed images, has come just at the right moment.

From July 10th the visionary photographer is taking over  London’s Somerset House with a major restrospective that opens up his archive of signature jaw-dropping snaps. From large scale prints to eye-popping polaroids.

A Drop of Red © Miles Aldridge 2001

Blood red ketchup splashing against a black and white floor; a mouth drips with gold; egg yolk oozes across a plate. Aldridge has the uncanny ability to turn classic glamour and decadence completely on its head. Obsessed with food, beauty and searing colours, our favourite works feature all three!

Before clicking the shutter for the likes of Vogue, Aldridge studied illustraton and took to directing videos in the absurdist style. We weren’t surprised to find he was inspired by surreal filmmaker David Lynch and Derek Jaramn and his Mullholland Drive-Twin-Peaks-vibe still continues in his punchy photography work.

Actress © Miles Aldridge 2012

Alongside the exhibition a book of the same name will be published by Rizzoli. Not enough Aldridge for you? Head to London’s Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery from 12 July for another exhibition. There’s really no excuse to miss him now!