When you think of Paris you probably don’t think about the weather, but after a glimpse into this exhibition Parisienne en É – which translates to the Parisian lady in the summer – it’s all you’ll be thinking of. The show features sun-soaked images through Paris history and leaves us yearning to travel back in time and swap our wellies for high waisted bikinis and chill with the glamorous ladies near the river. Appropriately the exhibition takes place on the sunny rooftop of Les Docks Cité de la Mode et du Design facing out to the Seine river in Paris and features 48 beautiful black and white photographs taken between 1880 and 1960 purely dedicated to a summer in the city.

Glamazons sunbathing, dandified men cycling and kids splashing around, when August is usually a month deserted by citizens, the exhibit shows us a complete different scenery of a very intimate Paris. While the photographer Gaston Paris takes us to the pool to attend the major pin-up contest in the ‘30s, Boris Liptnizki and Henri Roger respectively show us young women dipping their toes into the Seine and elegant ladies baring skin whilst wandering around Montmartre.

The show is free and outside so what better time to meet the holiday-makers from the past while enjoying the view of the Quai d’Austerlitz. It’s on until 6th October just to make summer last a little longer…