A band with a desire to make upbeat electro pop is something Topshop HQ can happily get on board with. MAUSI, a boy-girl quartet working the festival circuit are filling the void of Saturday night dance worthy tunes with their musical stylings. Encouraging exuberant dancing at their wild energetic gigs – one fan suffered an unfortunate wardrobe incident because of it – we spoke to singer Daisy to find out more about the band’s style, inspiration and memorable performances.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

We describe our music as the soundtrack to a lifestyle; a young European who is carefree, lives on the Riviera, jet setting around Europe for house parties in villas with swimming pools. It’s feel-good, electronic and upbeat.

Who are you currently listening to?

There’s a large variety of music we listen to, we’re not exclusive to one genre. It includes a lot of French electronic music and producers such as Breakbot, Phoenix, Daft Punk and Yuksek. As well as older songs by Talking Heads and classic dance floor tracks by groups like Earth Wind and Fire. Right now we are really loving Pharrell Williams, he seems to be doing a lot of collaborations these days.

What makes a gig great?

It doesn’t matter where is it, only that the crowd are having a great time. We have a really energetic set and when the audience really get in to it it’s so much more exciting for us and in turn we give even more energy back.

What’s been one of your favourite gigs to play live?

So far it was Melt! festival in Germany. It was an incredible 24 hours, but the atmosphere there was great and the audience was really going for it, we got a tweet afterwards saying a guy had ripped his trousers dancing so hard to our set!

How was it playing Lovebox?

Lovebox was so much fun, we managed to pack out the tent and there was a really cool lineup. Luckily it cooled down a bit that day so it wasn’t too sweaty.

How would you describe your own style?

My style is quite quirky, I like to combine classic cuts with bold prints and accessories.

What’s next for MAUSI?

We are going to release another single this year, play some festivals, do some touring and then hopefully lead into an album next year.

MAUSI’s single ‘Move’ is released on August 25th. Follow them on facebook/ twitter/ instagram.