Ex-member of a pop duo Crazy Curl, Kumi Okamoto — a.k.a. Kumisolo — touched down in Paris ten years ago and thanks to her zany ways with music and cooking, soon found herself as one of the most exciting creatives in the city. She’s reinvented herself from Japanese pop star to cuisine queen but when Kumi isn’t playing with her cooking pots, she’s still recording her famed electro music. She’s has recently enchanted us Topshop girls with a brand new EP named La Femme Japonaise, (The Japanese woman).

The Japanese-born artist grew up around the pop-kitsch culture in the eighties, so we’re not surprised that when the well-behaved white collared student originally came to the French capital to study she quickly did a 180 and transformed herself into a freelance musician. As for her culinary skills, we can assure you she’ll have your mouth watering in no time. Ever heard of the rice burger? Well, now is your chance! Get a taste on the website La Kitchen Music where Kumisolo settles down in the kitchen and offers you no less than 13 recipes for the pleasure of your taste buds and ears. Fancy something a little more? Get your hands on her bumper recipe book Bon Appétons.

So, whether it’s inspiring flavours or enticing lyrics, Kumi is your go-to-girl. The book Bon Appétons is limited edition, so get your hands on it while you can and listen up to one of our fave tracks, here.