We’ve waited a long time for the arrival of the iTunes Festival and last Sunday they finally arrived in what we can only describe as one seriously artful BANG! The queen of pop, princess of avant-garde and “Head Monster” Lady Gaga kicked off the iTunes Festival with a show that knocked us for six.

5,000 competition winners – including the lucky 12 who won through our Twitter competition! – swarmed the Roundhouse in Camden town donned in their finest Lady Gaga inspired dress. We saw painted faces, shell bralets and a lot of hair bows in the queue that wound it’s way down Camden road. Some of which had been waiting all night to ensure a spot right at the front of the stage!

The moment finally came just after 9pm, when Gaga appeared as dramatic as ever in a black mask, glossy wig and was suddenly hoisted into the air in a tomb-like cage. Naturally, the crowd went wild and what happened next was a mass of Gaga theatrics. Dancers dressed as gas-masked pigs crawled across the stage, a giant illuminated egg was used as a plinth to sing from and aerial artists took to the ceiling rigging’s. Amidst the chaos was Gaga herself in complete performer mode – describing the meaning behind each song with emotion and giving us a glimpse into her psyche

This time around there was no Poker Face or Born This Way but 6 completely new tracks all from her up coming album ARTPOP and all of which were in the same sweet melodic-chord that we’re used to from the goddess of Pop. Needless to say, we’re sure that album will be flying off the shelves and her Little Monsters will be more than happy!

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