Known for his show stopping dresses populating the red-carpet, this season Marios Schwab continued his run of dramatic dresses to make women swoon. Elegant embellishments, shard-like sequins, jewel detailing and chiffon and lace underlays decorated the collection, while rose gold chainmail shimmered in short sleeve blouses. Showing in the Topshop Showspace to a classical music soundtrack, Marios Schwab ensured that day four of London Fashion Week SS14 got off to an elegantly stylish start.


The legendary Sam McKnight was on hand to bring a touch of magic to the models glossy looks. As humble as ever, McKnight ensured that it was the clothes that did the talking. “It’s quite natural,” said McKnight, “it’s not as plastered down as usual but naturally straight.” Naturally straight still meant slicked back and pressed down but in a low pony with a dash of mousse to hold in place.


Equal to McKnight’s legendary status was make-up artist Val Garland who brought an equally polished look to the make-up. “It was all about beautiful super skin, real and glossy,” said the beauty legend, “it’s all about contouring, highlighting. I’m not showing you anything you haven’t seen before!” Val had worked with the MAC team to create a mushroom polish that was used around the eyes and had a pigment of rose gold to highlight the jewellery from Marios’ show.

What… Marios Schwab SS14 at the Topshop Showspace at Regent’s Park.

Who… Every editor, buyer and stylist from Vogue to W magazine filled up the front row. Plus the very stylish Leigh Lezark made an appearance!

The collection in 5 words… Sequins, chiffon, staples, ribbons, clean.

The girls on the catwalk… Classically beautiful with cheek bones that could cut glass, these girls were all willowy limbs and graceful walks. Think uptown New York girls out on the town.

Playlist… Wladimir Schall.

What we loved… The rose gold oversized staples that held sections of material together on shift dresses and maxi gowns, it was tough while remaining luxurious. Maxi-gowns with chiffon overlays, shard sequin detailing underneath and sculpted silhouettes all stood-out – an update of the similar breathtaking dresses Schwab produced a few seasons ago. Classic shift shapes and long-sleeve dresses in form fitting silhouettes could slip easily into our daytime wardrobes, while we were swept away by the dresses with mini capelets attached.

Hero piece… It has to be one of the dramatic floor-skimming dresses that glided down the runway in the middle section of the show. Sweeping see-through chiffon was layered over a shorter lace bodice, with sequin embellishment and crochet detailing. They were breathtaking on the catwalk, and even more so on closer inspection.

Hair loving… Sleek and sophisticated, hair was slicked back into a neat pony tail with a sharp side parting.

Beauty notes…  Clean skin, barely there make-up and strong groomed eyebrows looked modern and sophisticated.

Inspired by… The female form, ‘a skin-deep sensuality that lies beneath’. Very high-brow!

End notes…  Marios Schwab fulfills the ladylike side in all of us, sophisticated but never boring. His modern updates of classic dresses – with inspired detailing such as oversized staples – ensure that we’ll be seeing this collection on a host of A-listers very soon.

Watch the Marios Schwab show live from the Topshop Showspace here!