White picket fences, Tupperware parties and society queens: It was all about the suburban American dream for Sister by Sibling for SS14. Bouncy-haired beauties smirked down the catwalk in prim skirt suits and full skirts, in a rainbow of plastic-bright colours glimmering we with Swarovski crystals. But let’s not forget that Sister by Sibling is a bastion of London edge, and so despite the saccharine tweeness of the show, the whole parade was undeniably cool.

Front row… Roland Mouret next to Natalie Massenet, leading everyone to question whether they might be plotting something.

The girls on the catwalk… the prettiest ones with the brightest smiles!

Playlist… Sophiaticated Boom Boom by the Shangri Las had everyone bopping in the audience.

What we loved… The incredible colours, from day-glo cherry to neon yellow via softest lavender and aquamarine, they were inspired by Tupperware parties of the 1950’s

Hero piece… an incredible Jackie Onassis style swing coat in neon red knit, complete with beaded collar and perfectly set hair.

Inspired by… The post New Look domestic goddess of suburban America, gliding through social engagements her immaculate in full skirts and neat bouclé jackets.

End notes… The skirt suit is back.