Our friend and muse, Kate Bosworth has returned once again to the world of fashion at Topshop to work with our design team on a new capsule collection dedicated to winter. A modern take on everyday classic, the collection is studded with standout pieces including a gorgeous shearling coat and statement silver t-shirt. We managed to get some precious time with the actress and style icon to talk inspiration, Mondrian and our creative director, Kate Phelan.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

For fall, the idea was to create a collection that is strong and graphic, yet restrained. I wanted to create luxurious, minimalist pieces. Though different in tone from the more bohemian inspired Spring festival collection, this collection is equally as true an extension of my personal aesthetic. I wanted to balance a neat, clean line with an oversized shape, to mix feminine and masculine. The color scheme is Mondrian inspired- black and whites mixed with cracked metallics and a pop of red. I respond to a monochromatic look. For example, the red shirt with the red leather pants.

What was the best part of working on the collection?

Learning. Kate Phelan is an incredible mentor. She clearly has a ton of experience and knowledge, and she is so generous and warm in sharing it. Any intimidation I felt in the beginning of the design process was immediately extinguished by her kind spirit.

Tell us about some of your favourite pieces in the collection and why.

I wanted to create a great fitting leather pant that hit at the ankle. The red leather pant is one of my favorite pieces in The Collection. They look great paired with the red shirt from The Collection to create a cool, tonal look. Or throw on your boyfriends cotton. This should feel effortless. I also love the white leather pieces… the coat, the skirt, the simple white leather v-neck. I find white an extremely chic color, especially in the fall. The black fuzzy flannel overcoats are also great. They feel timeless, luxurious and cozy. The crackled silver pieces are eye catching and unique without feeling over the top because of the classic shape of the silhouette.

What was the mood and style behind the accompanying film?

Michael Polish directed “The Collection” Topshop film and photographed the campaign. We were inspired by pop art so the impact is instant.

What is it about Topshop that you love?

I appreciate the accessible price point of Topshop merchandise, the passion of the team, the ability to explore many different styles in house, and the quick turnaround of product. We strive to evoke a feeling- which is what fashion is all about.

How can you see Topshop girls wearing the collection?

Putting their own spin on the pieces…  Fashion should express a feeling. Therefore, it’s important for girls to be individual in how they express themselves.

Watch the film Kate Bosworth rocks the collection in which she created with husband and director Michael Polish below and don’t forget to shop the collection, here.