We Topshop girls, finally popped the champagne corks last Thursday on October 24th as we opened in another one of the world’s fashion capitals – Paris! After a short stay with a pop-up store earlier this year, we’re excited to say that we’re staying for good. Right in the heart of Boulevard Haussman, on the second floor of the iconic Galeries Lafayette is where you’ll find us, settling in very nicely indeed.

We touched down in Paris after a two-hour Eurostar trip, headed straight to Galeries Lafayette and guess who followed us? A troop of black cabs, wizzing down the boulevards to announce our arrival to the Parisian shoppers. On the stroke of 9.30 am France’s finest rushed through the doors and who could blame them! There’s trend pieces, outfit transforming jewellery, denim and capsule collections –all neatly tucked into our new 180 metre squared Parisian home. Meanwhile our favourite French bloggers Make Mylemonade, Tokyobanhbao, Marieluvpink, Miss Pandora and Chicmuse sip on some bubbles and contemplate their first purchase while the DJ banged out the électro beats.

So ladies, next time you are in Paris –rather than scaling the Eiffel Tower, why not take a little trip to the Galeries Lafayette and say bonjour to a little bit of London.