We all love to play dress up… we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. So after 364 days of taking even the slightest opportunity to go wild you now have legitimate reason, authenticated by actual traditional! But, it is already the eve of Halloween and if you haven’t already got a costume in mind – you are most definitely running out of time. So, as an act of good will we’ve decided to help you with a little inspiration in the form of our favourite celebrity outfits from last weekend’s parties…

Nicole Richie as Danny DeVito in Twins

Genius. And perfect should you happen to be vertically challenged with a boyfriend/ partner/ friend/ guardian/ who is not.

Alexa Chung as the Hamburglar

At short notice this is a tough one to pull off – but oh so worth it. Although we always did find Ronald slightly more menacing than his erstwhile nemesis.

Paris Hilton as Miley Cirus

Easy to pull off, scary and topical – 10/10 to Miss Hilton.

Cindy Crawford as Slash

Minimal effort for maximum output. Double denim, top hat and curly black wig (or spiral perm and dye job) should do it.

Kelly Osbourne as Dame Edna

A woman dressed as man dressed as a woman – is this drag? We don’t know but we love it, possums.