Baby it’s cold outside and that’s the perfect excuse to debut the winter coat that’s been hanging in your wardrobe since June.

Well, winter is here and with it comes so much more than the opportunity for outerwear peacock-ing.

Firstly, mulled wine is legitimately back on the menu, gingerbread lattes naughtily usurp the skinny cappuccino, TV adverts get good and Somerset House’s outdoor ice rink is open. Hip hip (replacement) hooray!

That’s right, it’s time to do your Ali MacGraw Love Story look, i.e. dust off your cossack hat, grab your significant other (pal, boyfriend, girlfriend, or get on Tinder post haste) and start a skatin’!

Not since Torvill and Dean’s Olympic gold medal winning Bolero will fellow skaters have seen the likes of you. You will be graceful, you will be poised, you will… okay, maybe not, but it will certainly be fun and remember if at first you don’t succeed: enjoy the aforementioned mulled wine from the safety of the bar.

Open from 14th of November – 5th of January. Book now!