When it comes to keeping fit we’re terrible for trading in our running trainers for a pair of heels, so when we heard about the new craze for hula hooping our interests were certainly peaked! Enter Marawa the Amazing, Queen of Hula and globe trotter extraordinaire. Marawa has partnered with the one stop fitness site – Fitness Freak – to put on some happening hula classes that keep you giggling, sweating and gaining abs of steel. (Well, the latter one might come with time!)

The Topshop girls got their jersey pieces on for a night of hooping and we can confidently say, we had a blast! Not only did we hula along to Peter Andre and other fun ’90s tunes, found ourselves in hysterics attempting to hula hoop with our arms and hips but we also found ourselves pleasantly worked out! Even those of us who were adamant we couldn’t hoop, we managed to get in synch with the crowd and give it a good go.

After two nights of spinning boys and girls into shape at Shoreditch Town Hall this month, Marawa will be heading to York Hall in Bethnal Green for a one-off Christmas special class. The night promises 45-minute ab & core focused class which will require your glitziest lycra attire. So don your tinsel hair piece, snap up a festive crop top and get hooping!

Book your place at the Christmas Hula-hooping class, here.