If you’ve heard about Alexander McQueen, then you should know about Isabella Blow.

Blow, who plucked the young Lee McQueen from obscurity when she bought his entire graduate collection, was a star maker, an editor, a fashion extravert and a lover of hats.

Launching the careers of Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant, she also paved the way for style mavericks like Lady Gaga who in a recent Vogue interview cited Blow as her inspiration.

When she died tragically in 2007, the whole fashion world went into mourning. Mourning the loss of a friend and an influencer and flamboyance in a world of conformity.

If there was one wardrobe worth raiding, it was Blows.

So it’s lucky for us, that the good people at Somerset House have managed to get their hands on her priceless archive.

In honor of one of fashion’s brightest stars, (and we’re talking about an industry that houses the likes of Anna Dello Russo and King Karl), they’re opening an exhibition celebrating her incredible life and wardrobe that runs from 20th of November to March 2nd.

Get it in your diary. There’s plenty of time. This one is not to be missed.