Here at Topshop HQ, we love getting inspired by fashion exhibitions, especially ones that let us see a designer’s catwalk pieces up close and personal. From October-February, NYC’s Brooklyn museum are doing just that – exhibiting the work of French couture god Jean Paul Gaultier. Showing hundreds of designs spanning his 40-year career to date, we couldn’t resist popping across the pond to take a look.

Known for mixing things up with his avant-garde designs, JPG is the ultimate fashion rebel. He learnt the ropes from traditional Parisian couturier Pierre Cardin, but on setting up his own label, rejected his training in favour of a style inspired by the subversive London street scene. His underwear as outerwear rose to fame in the ’80s, when he reinvented Victorian corsets with racy silhouettes for the modern women.

The Brooklyn exhibition is home to some of Gaultier’s most famous corsets (our favourite being ‘that’ cone bra worn by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour), alongside a host of other haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs, photographs and films. From beautifully intricate gowns to edgy punk ensembles, we fell in love with the beautiful craftsmanship of every piece. And if you’re visiting yourself, be prepared for Gaultier’s typically unusual take on mannequins. As you wander through the exhibition you’ll see them coming to life – blinking, smiling and even speaking in French… Freaky! So if you’re lucky enough to be in NY then make sure you head over to this must-see exhibition.