If you need a bit of a break from all the cheery Christmas tunes, (there’s only SO many times we can listen to Mariah Carey in one day) – we recommend getting some of Cults‘ new material on your playlist.

Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion’s second album ‘Static’ offers more of their sixties-inspired indie pop, full of chilled out bass lines and dreamy vocals. But this time around the mood is distinctly darker – perhaps something to do with the duo ending their in-real-life relationship recently. *Sad face*

Whatever the case, it’s made for some seriously powerful music, and we can’t get new track ‘High Road’ out of our heads!

We caught up with Brian Oblivion in between touring, who also provided us with his ultimate playlist for listening to by a crackling winter fire.

Hey Brian! What can we expect from the new album?

We were lucky enough to have a good deal of studio time, so went all out to get the sound just right. The title ‘Static’ was an overarching concept for the tonality of the instruments, and more loosely for the lyrical content. We’d even turn out the lights in the studio and hang out in the glow of the TVs we brought in to try and settle into the vibe. 

Best lyric on the album?

The title lyric ‘I Can Hardly Make You Mine’ is my favourite. From the moment Madeline came up with it I was smitten. It feels like the title of some lost Otis Redding song!

What inspires you about living in New York?

Honestly I think it’s the spontaneity. There’s a kind of peace in knowing that you can do almost anything you want any time you want. It makes it easier to focus on your work knowing that you’re never really missing anything.

Favourite hangouts in the city?

If we’re not going to concerts or art events we’re usually around the same handful of dive bars. I live in Chinatown so I’ll often be at 169 Bar, which is a really bizarre New Orleans themed place with great music. Madeline likes KGB, Lucy’s, or Black and White. Any place with tables where you don’t have to battle to get a drink!

What’s been your career highlight so far?

We recently got to collaborate with Jim Jarmusch on a song for his new movie that we’re very proud of. Whenever we get to work with television or film we get really excited.

How would you describe your on-stage look?

We dress pretty formally on stage. I think it’s about showing a certain amount of respect for what you’re doing. There’s anonymity to dressing up; it can feel like putting on a super hero costume. I recently spilled something on my suit before a gig and had to play in jeans and a T-shirt – I felt naked up there.

How do style icons influence your own wardrobe?

Like our music we grab from a bunch of different influences for our style. Madeline loves musicians like Kim Gordon and Mary Weiss from the Shangri-Las and I look to old photos of  bass player James Jamerson and The Funk Brothers.

What’s next for Cults?

Lots of touring! In January we’re playing with the Pixies, which is a real dream come true for us. Other than that we’re working on new videos and putting out new records!



My Autumn’s Done Come – Lee Hazelwood

Basement Scene – Deerhunter

Lazy Day – Santo and Johnny

Cheer Up – Smith Westerns

Forever Dolphin Love – Connan Mockasin (Erol Alkan Rework)

A New Life – Jim James

I’m Comin Down – Primal Scream

Subotnick – Caribou