Looking at Tierney Gearon’s colour popping photographs in hew new Alphabet Book we just can’t help but beam with joy. Gearon spent four years capturing her simply adorable kids in their favourite fancy dress looks to produce a book of 26 portraits – one for each latter of the alphabet – that might just be the cutest thing we’ve seen all year.

Ever since we launched the Topshop Mini line we’ve been paying a lot more attention to those little ones around us and once we saw this celebrated snapper’s latest work we knew we had to pay attention. From crazy looking doctors to wild shaggy bears, Gearon’s two children and a few of their little pals playing with identity and found themselves transforming in front of the camera. In all honesty the projic looks like she’s had the most fun experience but of course was not without its crazniess. “Every image was like directing a different scene in a movie, or even a different movie for each image,” said Tierney, ”The calculated kid-chaos playtime I set up with my children and their friends with different costumes and settings for each letter was not nearly as effortless as I’d imagined it would be.”

That aside, whether you have a friend who’s a photo buff or might need some inspiration to entertain those lovely Topshop Minis, the Alphabet book might be just for you.