Their blog might be called “This is Jane Wayne” but these girls are anything but plain Janes. Our Berlin darlings, Nike van Dinther and Sarah Gottschalk, started posting away in 2010 and have since grown to be one of the biggest fashion blogs Germany has ever seen. Last week’s Berlin Fashion Week was peak time for the trendsetting duo, but we managed to get them over to dance with us at our very exclusive soiree.

Nike in our pinstripe suit and a black crop – Sarah in our stripy knit set

What inspired the name “This is Jane Wayne”?

Nike & Sarah: Pretty simple one: John Wayne, the legendary actor whose passion was playing the badass cowboy. But to be honest: Every single name we picked before starting the blog was already blocked – so many blogs out there…

What do you love about your job?

Nike: What I like the most about my job is the fact, that I’m my own boss. It’s just waking up, getting a cup of coffee and being able to work in bed if I’m tired, it’s the opportunity to tell people what’s going in my head, to have discussions with my readers, to be creative all day every day. But most of all I appreciate working with the best partner on earth, Sarah. There’s no one like her.

Sarah: I’ve not much to add. It’s like a dream come true, I can make my own decisions, I can work wherever I want and most of all I can create whatever I want.

What inspires your daily posting?

N: Beauty, feminism, music, society, what I see on the streets and hear. When I’m with my over the top inspiring friends.

S: Pretty much everything in life.

Sarah in our neoprene crop by Boutique and a rose gold A-line skirt with black courts Nike in our floral dress by Boutique and chunky croc boots

Nike, what are your thoughts about Topshop’s SS14 collection?‬

‪N: I’m a huge fan of all those super wide-shaped trousers, especially if there also is a matching shirt to combine it with. Aside from that I’m a bit in love with the Yves Klein blue pieces and this ultimate oversized denim suit with its frayed seams.  ‬

How would you describe your style, Sarah?

S: Since I cut my hair off, a short pixie, I try to dress more feminine. I wanted to look like Jean Seberg and choose skirts and dresses now instead of sweaters and boyfriend-jeans. I very much like that 60s twist. But in general I would describe my style as a mix of Scandinavian loose fit meets classic.

What’s your first memory of Topshop?

N: Back in the days when I was studying fashion journalism I had a friend which I still love today. She was always wearing the most lovely dresses. It was the time when everyone wanted to be vintage and look like a girl taken straight out of some dreamy book. Every time I asked her “Where’s that from??” her answer was: “Topshop, my dear!”

Sarah in our pink bubble co-ord – Nike in our boxy midi dress by Boutique

What do you currently love at Topshop at the moment ?

N: The Boutique and Unique pieces! Especially the dresses and one grey and stripy ensemble.
S: Oh, I really must go for the suits and the twin-sets. But it’s always the same, if you browse through the online store, you gonna find a lot more than you actually need.

What’s so special about Berlin Fashion Week?

N & S: It’s still a small and cosy event, but it’s exciting to see all those young designers building up their beautiful labels with passion and hard work. So over the years we are pretty familiar with our favorite ones and we keep finger’s crossed that they will grow bigger and get their chance abroad. For us, it’s a pretty personal event like a big family celebration.

How would you describe the style people walking the streets of Berlin?

N & S: This one is hard to answer, because there are so many streets and even more people! Maybe that’s the answer: People in Berlin follow their own codes, or the codes given by their friend’s circles. They somehow feel connected to each by wearing the same kind of style. That may be the anti-fashion hero who is completely dressed in second hand pieces, the intellectual one looking like an original modernist, the dancer who doesn’t really care but loves neon or the media chick combining a sleek silk dress with bold sneakers, just like the scandinavians do.

The winning party looks: Sarah in our pink bubble co-ord & Nike rocking our silky Boutique maxi

What are your Berlin hotspots?

N: The HAU (Hebbel am Ufer) theatre, a small field next to some water and near the train station Sonnenallee, which is the ultimate location for secret Open Air raves, every location in which an A’MILLION party is heating up the air and the Cuccuma, a café near my place, where you can have a delicious coffee while sitting outside on the street, no matter what the weather says.

S: My Berlin hotspots change permanently. Let’s imagine it’s summer, Berlin’s most beautiful season. I will have breakfast at the Melbourne Canteen in Neukölln, walk through Kreuzberg, have a coffee on the stairs at the river just around the corner of my flat and I love a lunch at Cocolo Ramen. After that I have a look if there’s a nice exhibition at either Gropius Bau or Hamburger Bahnhof or any other museum or gallery. The best place to spend the rest of the day? Whereever your friends are.

See a little video of our party where the Janes took their ultimate party style out for a blast here.