Listen up, denim fanatics. To celebrate the latest and greatest additions to our classic jean collection – including the new Baxter skinnies and the slouchy Girlfriend style – we are giving you the chance to win a brand new pair of Topshop jeans.

Sound good? We thought so. Simply Instagram or Tweet us a selfie of you in your favourite Topshop jeans using the hashtag #TopshopLovesJeans for the chance to win.

But, before you get snap-happy, check out our fun guide to taking the perfect selfies below and read our T&C’s for the UK and the US.

Good luck! You can check out all the entries so far by searching for #TopshopLovesJeans on Twitter and Instagram.

Top tips for flawless selfies:

1. For the most flattering body shot, stand adjacent to a full-length mirror, slant your hip to one side and jut the opposite shoulder forward. Next, lean your chest towards the mirror and aim your phone camera down the body to create a more streamline silhouette (it’s a secret supermodel trick). Then, snap away with your free hand. Simple.

2. Natural daylight is always best.

3. Get creative and have fun with filters. For example, our spray-on skinny Jamie jeans are an ideal match to the retro-inspired, 1977 Instagram filter.

4. Take a series of shots then edit, edit, edit.

5. Smile!