We’ve always known that art provides huge influence, but nothing made this hit home like our recent trip to the Barbican’s Pop Art Design exhibition. Arguably one of the most influential art movements of the post-war era, Pop Art is to answer for some of history’s most unforgettable art works, inspiring everything from fashion, music, architecture and design along the way.

Over 50 years after it exploded onto the scene, the Barbican’s exhibition is the first to explore this exciting exchange of ideas between artists and designers in the Pop age. Visit to see familiar faves like Andy Warhol’s ‘Brillo Boxes’ and Roy Lichtenstein ‘In The Car’, alongside Pop Art inspired pieces like ’60s Vogue covers, Harry Gordon ‘poster dresses’ and Rolling Stones album covers all on display.

What’s more, the exhibition has a brilliant app to accompany the show that helps further explain the 200 exhibits on offer. And even if you don’t get a chance to go, it’s still worth downloading the app to explore the world of Pop Art Design wherever you are.

The exhibition runs from 22 October–9 February in the Barbican Art Gallery. Book tickets here