New York City. Adam from Girls. Folk Music. When a movie contains these three elements, us Topshop girls just know that we’re going to like it. When that movie also features a little ginger cat, an American road trip AND Justin Timberlake, it’s written in the stars.

There are so many great movies out there at the moment – we watched American Hustle with jaws dropped and laughed out loud through The Wolf of Wall Street – we know it’s difficult to pick just one. Last weekend we spent some down time with the Coen Brother’s new flick, Inside Llewyn Davies and were pleasantly surprised with the languid and lovely journey movie.

We know the Coens do cinema well but we reckon this is the first time they’ve decided to play it quite so stripped back and minimal. There’s no fancy CGI, no particularly unbelievable narrative or insane villain caricatures – hello, Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men – just the captivating story of a few years in one musician’s fairly uneventful life. Oscar Isaac is the new face on the scene and the very handsome Llewyn who struggles between the art of making music and making it commercially successful. Of course, there’s some great songs thrown in. One of our favourite moments involving Justin Timberlake crooning away whilst Adam Driver hoots along – dream duo, or what? Carey Mulligan is also showing off her vocal chords and must be making her Mumford beau very proud with her debut into folk music. (She also wears a poloneck very, very well.)

If you’re not already saturated by this seriously great moment in cinema we’re going through, make sure to escape the chaos and check out Inside Llewyn Davis. And just remember, if you’re not mad about ‘60s folk musician there’s always Adam from Girls to swoon over!