Since we announced our AW14 Topshop Unique show will be held at the Tate’s Turbine Hall (cool right?!), us Topshop girls have gone even more art mad than usual. As well as squabbling over our favourite Turbine Hall exhibitions of all time and hanging at London’s hottest galleries, we’ve been filling our diaries with upcoming exhibitions around the world. Sound like your idea of fun? Then check out our top five exhibitions to see in 2014. We’ll see you there!

1. Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Where? Tate Modern, London (a.k.a our new home for LFW)
When? 17 April – 7 September 2014
Who? Henri Matisse – the late French painter (and mate of Picasso) whose vivid use of colour and abstract ‘Fauve’ style has been loved by art buffs for decades.
What? The exhibition is devoted to Matisse’s iconic paper cut-outs. When illness prevented him from painting towards the end of his career, Matisse began to cut into painted paper to make sculptural forms, infusing them with the luminosity of stained glass – just beautiful! Not only is this pretty to look at but also inspires us to return to the colour blocking trend for our London Fashion Week looks.

2. Gauguin: Metamorphoses

Where? MoMA, New York
When? 8 March – 8 June, 2014
Who? Paul Gauguin was a pioneer of modernist painting and post-impressionist art but his work was never appreciated until after his death.
What? Made up of over 150 different works to feast your eyes on, this exhibition looks at Gaugin’s rare, yet wow-worthy prints and transfer drawings. (Don’t be put off by his darker work as shown image, he’s got some vivid crackers that we can’t recommend enough!)

3. David Hockney: The Jugglers

Where? LACMA, Los Angeles
When? 1 Feb – 20 April, 2014
Who? The gadget-geek of the art world, Brit-born painter David Hockney is known for bringing technology to his work with Polaroids, iPads, iPhone drawings and more recently, film.
What? Well jugglers, of course! Hockney used eighteen fixed cameras to record a procession of jugglers. Displayed on a multiscreen grid, Hockney says the film “forces the eye to scan, and it is impossible to see everything at once. It gives back the choice to the viewer, and hence brings about possibilities for new narratives.” It also makes us really, really want to learn to juggle – how great a party trick would that be?

4. Chuck Close exhibition

Where? MCA, Sydney
When? 20 November 2014 – 8 March 2015
Who? Chuck Close is best known for his incredible portraits, that use special techniques to look like each face is being viewed through a thick layer of glass or rippling on the surface of water.
What? The MCA are offering the largest collection of Close’s work ever exhibited to show the huge variety of printmaking techniques used by this talented artist. Our favourites are the photo-realist portraits of Obama and Cindy Sherman.

 5. Lucio Fontana: A Retrospective

Where? Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris
When? 25 April 2013 – 24 August 2014
Who? Lucio Fontana was an Italian painter and sculptor who’s slashed canvas paintings have been a major influence on generations of artists from Yves Klein to the present day.
What? For the first time in France since back in the ’80s, more than 200 sculptures, paintings, ceramics and installations provide all you need to know about this artist’s ever-changing work. This is a classy one, ladies!