It’s hard to describe the levels of excitement backstage before the Topshop Unique show. Topshop staff are flying around with clipboards; models are busting a groove to the thumping bass; beauty press are crowding around the makeup artists taking notes; dressers are frantically steaming clothes – it’s a crazy cacophony that builds and builds until the first model steps on to the catwalk.

This season, the beauty icon is Margot Tenenbaum. Hannah Murray, Topshop’s beauty consultant, told us that she wanted the girls to look like they’d just come off the hockey field and thrown on a bit of eyeliner before going to meet boys. The schoolgirl innocence is emphasised with a Topshop cheek gel put low on the cheeks to look like a flush from the cold, and skin is primed with a new Topshop face balm to give it a velvety finish. Lips are raw, almost bitten – this girl is young and innocent but she’s got a delinquent streak.

Topshop’s hair maestro Anthony Turner gave the girls a beguiling innocence, with squeaky clean freshly washed hair styled with a simple centre parting and no layers. ‘It’s so sweet it’s almost sickly,’ he told us, ‘like she’s playing Little Miss Perfect just to hide the fact that she’s devious underneath.’

Deviousness seems to come naturally to the models at the Topshop Unique show. With the casting done by Rosie Vogel of Vogue UK, only the hottest names storm the Unique catwalk, and these girls have the personality to match their status. Binx was busting some serious moves with Korean model Ji Hye Park, while Jourdan Dunn was pulling faces at the cameras and Malaika Firth was joking about her first ever experience trying on jeans in Topshop – ‘Jeans that actually fit! I felt like I had arrived!’

All that catwalk strutting takes up a lot of energy, so we make sure to keep the models well fed. Backstage the tables were laden with salads of feta, freekeh and beetroot (superfood for supermodels), mini quiches, fudgy chocolate brownies and rocket pizzas. After all, the Tate turbine hall is one of the longest catwalks at LFW, so we needed to keep our girls full of energy and brimming with attitude.

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