Blue skies outside Topshop HQ have got us dreaming of ice cream, lazy days in the park and finally going tights-free. Summer is just around the corner and we cannot wait. What’s more, LA band DWNTWN has added to our sunshine-will-be-back-soon vibe with their new track ‘Til Tomorrow.’ Taken from the group’s upcoming EP, sun-soaked pop and dreamy synths merge together though breezy boy/girl vocals to create a sound that was made for driving through the Hollywood Hills with the windows down. We caught up with girl-in-the-group, Jamie, to talk fashion, tacos and break-ups. Oh and a bit about the music too…

How was DWNTWN born?

A few years ago Robert and I were both going through break-ups and my ex just so happened to be his brother. We would hang out together and write songs about our heartache!

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?

A friend once told us that our songs “make you dance to words that should make you cry.” I’ve always loved that description.

Where did you write ‘Til Tomorrow?’

We were house sitting a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and ended up with this song about feeling stuck in a stale routine while everyone around us seems to be moving forward, or living in mansions. Not that we want to live in a mansion… but maybe moving out of our parents basement would be nice!

What influences your sound?

Kurt Cobain’s pretty face, Bob Dylan interviews, Burritos from El Chato, Stevie Nicks’ voice and late night drives to see Crystal Castles.

You’ve been compared to bands like Postal Service and M83. Would you agree?

That’s a huge compliment! Those are both bands we really love, so it’s an honour that people are hearing similarities between us.

Any funny stories from your latest tour?

We always have a crazy night when we’re in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don’t know what it is about the place, but people go nuts, and we love it!  Last time we played, everyone got on stage with us during our last song. They stole the mic from me and started yelling the lyrics, and then insisted that our drummer play a giant solo once the song was done. We can’t wait to go back!

Who’s your style crush?

Robert idolises Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash, so he’s all about that grungy country look. I’ll wear anything that looks like Stevie Nicks might have worn it.

Any favourite outfits to perform in?

I love performing in floor length lace dresses. I have a handmade vintage one I can’t stop wearing. It’s got a beautiful embroidered high neck, and takes about ten minutes for someone to button me into it.

Hot tips for an LA trip?

You have to eat tacos in LA. Our favourite spots are El Taurino and El Chato, which are both super authentic. Get the Al Pastor tacos – you won’t be sorry! As for shopping, I’m going to be totally honest – our go-to spot is Topshop, so I’m pretty sure you know all about that!

If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) who would it be?

Probably Mozart, it would be the most unreal experience ever! He’d be going on and on about something in German while we just nodded our heads and smiled at him. And at the end of the session chances are we’d end up with a hit song… I mean it is Mozart; the original hit machine.

‘Til Tomorrow’ will be released as part of the ‘DWNTWN‘ EP, due out 29 April.