Nicole and Danielle Kahlani are the achingly cool, identical twin sisters that you just can’t help wanting to hang around with. As a make-up and hair styling duo they’ve made a name for themselves on shoots for fashion and music magazines including i-D, Dazed and Confused, Rollacoaster, NME, and now, Topshop’s very own SS14 magazine. In this season’s issue the twins created the beautifully stripped back hair and make-up for our retro-inspired summer fashion shoot. We caught up with the girls in between takes to find out what’s big in beauty for SS14.

What’s the make-up look for today’s shoot?

Danielle: The make-up is very natural. I created really bright fresh skin using Topshop’s highlighter at the high points of the face, then brushed through the model’s brows to make them really full and boyish. The look is cool and effortless but still makes a statement. The eyebrows are definitely very Cara Delevingne!

And the hair?

Nicole: It’s slicked down and natural like she’s just got out of the shower and run her hands through it – very Celine.

How can we recreate the hair at home?

It’s all about layering product and very easy to do. Just wet down your hair with a water spray, then use a mix of mousse and gel and brush through with a wide tooth comb to create nice marks in the hair. Before the mousse has dried you can clip it into shape to create some volume, then remove the clips when your hair has dried. You can also create the look with long hair – just brush it back behind your ears.

What are the big beauty trends we should be wearing this season?

Danielle: Gold make-up was in last season and now there’s a lot of warmer metallics for Spring/Summer. It’s all about wearing topia colours around the eyes – nothing too graphic, everything’s much softer. And this paired with a warm and dewy skin tone.

Nicole: For hair everything’s got a bit of volume for Spring/Summer. There’s also a lot of side partings, so go with whichever side suits your natural hairline as opposed to a middle parting.

How did you get into beauty?

Nicole: We both went to London College of Fashion and did the hair and make-up course which was a really great kick start to our career.

Danielle – I initially did a foundation year in art and design but ultimately wanted to work in fashion, so I thought make-up seemed like the obvious thing. It means I can still essentially be painting and designing!

Have you always worked together?

Nicole:  Yes. Even at uni we would always try and do our projects together. We’ve always loved working as a team because we know each others strengths and weaknesses.

Danielle: Working together means we can always be really honest about whether something’s working or not. We can leave a shoot without having to worry about having said the wrong thing and upsetting someone! It creates a great dynamic.

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