For the sparkling new issue of Topshop magazine, we called upon British Vogue’s resident Style Editor, Emma Elwick-Bates, to reveal her must-have wardrobe essentials for Spring 2014. Here, she sheds light on the Instagram inspiration behind those perfect pieces.

The Duffle Bag

One of the best things about working for British Vogue is access to the archive. I found this particular snap in the ‘70s section.  I don’t particularly love the illustration but I adore the typography and wording. It speaks of style and clever purchasing, a good ethos. Grey and navy are two of my favourite colours too.

The Pop Socks

Miu Miu is the first designer label I really identified with. This was a very realist campaign from the ‘90s. Is it a dress or a nightdress? Either way it’s perfectly simple, and I’d love to wear it with ankle socks and chunky tan sandals.

The Striped Top

Two of my favourite things from the ‘90s: Nirvana in front of Jenny Holzer’s slogan art.

The Gold Bar Necklace

An early 80’s Chanel campaign by Helmut Newton.  The printed button-through silk dress is so joyous and I adore the sunbathed light; the gold bar necklace would look perfect with this piece.

The Country Cover-up

I love seeing Bianca Jagger in a different guise, cuffed jeans and a sweeping cape in a field, rather than Studio 54 glamour she is usually associated with.

The Skinny Jeans

Jane’s Birkin’s wardrobe inspires by its sheer normality – take classic blue denim for example. She never tried too hard and it shows.

The Check Shirt

My favourite tomboy of all time is a teenage Jodie Foster, grunge before her time with natural shaggy hair and plaid shirts. Plus, she looked great on a skateboard.

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