A lot has been going down at South by Southwest festival. If you didn’t make it to Texas, never fear! Here are the four things you need to know now.

Gaga caused a stir

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Even if you’re not a Gaga fan, you can never accuse her of standing still. Gaga is guaranteed to tear up the rulebook and use it to light more fires, so to speak. Her much anticipated SXSW ARTPOP performance left the world open-mouthed and in some cases, downright outraged. During a performance of ‘Swine’, Gaga was joined by ‘vomit painter’ Millie Brown, who chugged back bottles of coloured water and proceeded to vomit all over the pop princess. During the performance Gaga screamed, “I won’t play by your rules! This is our world.” Here here!

Lena Dunham’s talk

Lena’s talk at the Convention Centre was definitely a highlight of SXSW. It was nice to hear someone of such startling success admit to a fair few fails, including badly-timed Twitter gags in reply to tweets that suggest she should refrain from de-robing so frequently. The moral of the story? Don’t reply to haters. (Unless you’re James Blunt). Lena also reminded us that being successful is not synonymous with being mean, and that it’s very important to remember the power of an apology.

A$AP Rocky’s documentary

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A$AP’s hotly anticipated documentary debuted at SXSW. Titled SVDDXNLY the Vice production includes appearances by and interviews with Wiz Khalifa, Macklemore, Kathy Griffin and Jeremy Scott. Rocky fans will be super-excited to get a sneak peek inside the rapper’s bedroom and hear his controversial views on girls in jean shorts, amongst other things!

New girls Dreezy and Tinashe

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Here at Topshop we love a girly shout out, and we’ve been particularly impressed by a couple of breakthrough female artists performing at SXSW this year. Chicago-based Dreezy is making waves with her fearsome female vocals. Her mixtape Schizo is well worth a listen. And with the face and voice of an angel it’s impossible to resist Tinashe’s dulcet R&B tones. She’s a pretty great dancer too!

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