Off to prom this year and looking for the perfect outfit? Well you’re in luck. We’re playing the Prom Fairy Godmother and giving you the chance to have your dream dress made bespoke by Topshop! All you need to do is share your ultimate dress with us via a Pinterest mood board, and over the next few weeks we’ll be judging your entries with a little help from Miss Vogue Editor, Emily Sheffield. With years of experience in the fashion industry and Deputy Editor of the style bible that is British Vogue itself, Emily has just the eye to choose the most fabulous frock. Read on as she tells us what makes a winning mood board, plus tips on where to find inspiration for your dress.

Last year’s UK winner Saskia, with her prom-perfect dress.

What are you looking for from the winning dress design?

A sense of identity and style and an awareness of current trends. Most of all, fun and femininity.

Where’s a good place to get creative inspiration?

Old films, books and magazines you love and have inspired you, plus look at vintage fashion and cross reference with new trends. There may be art and cultural movements you have studied or interiors where the fabrics inspire you too. Inspiration is everywhere! Don’t just look at the internet.

What would have been your dream prom dress as a student?

Black and gothic, ripped, shredded and a bit like a Meadham Kirchoff dress. In reality, however, I never wore prom dresses, mine were tight and short and very punky. I was obsessed with the Grease films, especially where Sandy wears the super tight black disco pants!

Who would be your ultimate prom king and queen?

Danny and Sandy from Grease.

When did you realise you wanted to get into the fashion industry?

I was in newspapers as a journalist for ten years and then a job came up at Harper’s Bazaar then Vogue, so I sort of fell into it. I’ve always loved journalism first and foremost. Fashion has always been a passion; I had pages of Vogue ripped and pasted all over my bedroom walls since I was five, and obsessively tried to follow trends as a teen by making my own dresses and outfits at school on the sewing machines.

What advice would you give to girls who wanted to get into fashion?

Work hard, be inspired, be confident and then more hard work. Set your goals high, find good mentors and go for it. Also, an awful lot of very talented people I know in fashion went to Central Saint Martins… I wish I had. And don’t be afraid to start your own business.

Who is the Miss Vogue girl?

Any young girl who loves fashion and is interested in the world and what other girls are up to.

What made 2013 the right time to launch Miss Vogue in the UK?

I think there is so much fashion available to everyone now – an incredible high street, great vintage stores and fashion is much more available to all on the internet, so we wanted to reach out to these incredibly savvy teens and hopefully provide them with a fun magazine to further inspire their fashion choices.

What makes a great Miss Vogue cover star like Cara Delevingne?

Personal style, a big friendly personality and a sense of fun. We don’t think anyone should take themselves too seriously, being young should be a time of adventure and exploration. Try everything and anything (as long as it is safe for your health and well-being of course).

Miss Vogue has just joined Twitter and Instagram. What can we expect? 

Instant style tips, mood boards, competitions, stunning Vogue archive imagery, celebrity gossip and Miss Vogue’s team, reporting direct to our readers with lots of opportunities for interaction. Tumblr also launches next week on Monday. Search for Miss Vogue UK for all our social media channels. We look forward to meeting you all online!

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