To say Christina Perri’s still-young music career has been a whirlwind would be a serious understatement. After soundtracking vampire flick Twilight with her darkly gothic debut ‘Jar of Hearts,’ she found fame overnight – going from a struggling Beverly Hills waitress to an Atlantic Records signee with a top ten record and concerts booked all over the world. Not bad for a day’s work!

Now returning with her second studio album ‘Head or Heart’, we caught up with the Philadelphian singer on fame, family and fashion.

You grew up in a musical family. How has that influenced your career?

My big brother is the most talented guitar player I know, so he inspired me to play myself. My parents were so supportive and I also only remember love songs by Dean Martin and James Taylor playing in the house, so that’s my foundation as a song-writer.

How was it moving to LA after growing up in Philadelphia? 

Philadelphia is where my family is, so that’s where my heart will always be, but LA is the place where my dreams came true and where I’ve begun this life, so both feel like home to me.

How did you deal with the overnight fame that ‘Jar of Hearts’ gave you?

It was the most magical experience of my life. I felt like Cinderella. At 8pm on June 30th 2010- my whole life changed and I quit my waitressing job and flew to NYC to sign a record deal. Since then I’ve been living my dream and watching all my wishes come true. I have to continue to pinch myself that in fact my life is real!

What does the title of your new album, ‘Head or Heart,’ mean to you?

Well, which do you trust? I still don’t know, so I’m not pretending I do. Half of the songs are head songs and the other half are heart songs, but I’ll let you figure out which ones are which!

What inspires the subject matter of your songs?

I am mostly inspired by emotions. I’ve always been really emotional as a person, and now I know why. That’s how I write.

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far?

There are so so many. Probably the Twilight film stuff, meeting Paul McCartney, and dueting and touring with Jason Mraz. All my dreams keep coming true.

How would you describe your style?

I call it ‘tomboy chic!’ I always mix something girly with something comfy. So a pretty lace blouse with a snapback hat. That’s me.

Where do you shop?

Topshop is my favourite store on the planet. Everyone knows that. When I’m in Topshop, I can leave with a whole new wardrobe for the new season or I can grab something specific for an event. Topshop is always so ahead of what’s cool that I always feel cool when I’m wearing it.

Favourite on-stage outfit?

I’m always wearing Topshop on stage. I wear little babydoll dresses with leggings and boots. It’s my #1 go to – comfy and cute for every show.

What’s the summer got in store for you?

TOURING!! The whole world :)

Head on Heart is available to buy now on iTunes