There’s only two weeks ’til Kate Moss for Topshop hits down and it would be the understatement of the century to say we’re just a little bit excited! Moss has spent a number of busy months with our in-house design team, dreaming up her new collection and overseeing the whole process from initial sketches and fabric sourcing to those all-important final tweaks.

Choosing her beloved summer festivals and poolside holidays as a starting point, the collection is an irresistible ode to the many different sides of Kate’s iconic style. Scroll down to see the mood boards that inspired the collection, listen to the design studio’s Kate Moss playlist and read on as she talks about adding design to her long list of talents…

Talk us through the design process. What is your favourite part?

I like the whole process from hanging out with the design team, deciding on the concept, getting excited about things and realising, “we really can get the quality of the fabrics we want,” and of course seeing the final collection come back.

Were there any challenges? 

Making sure the embellishments were right and making it look chic and glamorous, while keeping the essence of the collection.

When you are designing a collection, what items do you always include?

A jacket is always a good one – our jackets have always been my favourite things. The leather jackets are amazing, and the blazers. But also need the little tea dresses and it’s essential to have the dresses for special occasions, the cocktail dressses, this collection has some great pieces for the evening.

Has designing clothes given you a new appreciation of fashion?

I think it has made me much more aware of the attention to detail, and I can also see how you can achieve great quality clothing and design but still make it affordable.

Has your method of designing changed since your first?

My first collection was seven years ago in 2007. I have grown up since then, and things that I want to wear are different. It is a natural evolvement.

Has it grown up?

I was girlier then, and I could still get away with wearing flowery little things. We still have tea dresses in the collection but they are more grown up now – a bit more sophisticated but you can still wear them if you are young.

Do you feel you’ve grown as a designer since then?

I have just grown up generally. I think I learnt a lot the first time around, because I didn’t know anything about designing then. I learnt a lot from that experience and so I didn’t come in blind this time – I knew the process. Phillip has taught me a lot, I now know about the stitches, the fabrics and the quality.

Could you sum up the collection in three words?

Me, me, me…

Browse the Kate Moss for Topshop collection here and watch Kate at work below.

The Kate Moss Design Studio’s playlist:

– Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain’

– Patrice Rushen ‘Haven’t you heard’

– Joe Goddard ‘Taking Over’

– Micheal Jackson ‘Rock with you’

– Inner City ‘Good life’

– Sam Smith ‘Latch’

– Primal Scream ‘Rock’s off’