Barbie is leaning in. It looks like our plastic-fantastic friend is looking to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg for advice and taking her career into her own hands. We say: you go Gurl!

Credit where credit’s due, Barbie has had more jobs than her Linkedin profile can accommodate. She’s been a doctor, a pilot, a ballerina, a princess, a paleontologist, a Sports Illustrated cover girl and now she’s an entrepreneur.

With her hair tied back, smartphone in hand and wearing a dress to make Elle Woods proud, she is poised to give Silicon Valley a run for its money. The people behind Barbie’s new venture explain she is, ‘ready to make a bold business move and strike out on her own to achieve her career dreams!’

Fighting the good fight and set to break that ‘plastic’ ceiling, our gal pal, whose first talking counterpart once voiced, ‘math is tough’, has the backing of ten IRL businesswomen. The likes of Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code and Jennifer Hyman & Jenny Fleiss of Rent The Runway are just a few of Barbie’s CIOs – that is Chief Inspiration Officers to me and you.

Although Barbie has a career history that beats Ken Doll hands-down, she is constantly criticised because she loves pink and has nice shiny swishy hair. But this time she is #unapologetic. Standing up for female empowerment while still wearing heels and a sparkly necklace – now that’s our kind of grrrl!