If you see one film this month – make it The Fault In Our Stars. Starring actress on the rise Shailene Woodley, the book-turned-blockbuster follows two teenage cancer patients as they fall head over heels in love, proving that a short life can be one well-lived.

Not only is it a thought-provoking and emotional watch, it’s  also got a must-listen soundtrack, most notably Charli XCX‘s new track ‘Boom Clap’. We caught up with her to hear about filming the music vid in Amsterdam, her awesome ’90s outfits and why you should bring along a whole box of Kleenex to the film…

Hi Charli! What’s Boom Clap about?

Boom Clap is about epic love. I see it as quite a euphoric song. To me it’s the colour silver. It’s about being on that next level of love where your mind is just being constantly blown.

Can you tell us about your first love?

It was deep and it was teen-y! Probably a bit emo. I don’t know. He’s one of my close friends now. There’s always a special bond with those kind of people you connect with early on in your life I guess, and I like that.

Was it fun filming the video? 

I shot the video in Amsterdam. Everything was very last minute, we just ran around to a million different locations and went to a lot of places that were also in the movie. My favourite part was when we got in this disco taxi, there were strobes and disco balls and lasers and the taxi driver had a karaoke machine. I sang Rhythm Is A Dancer with him. He was cool.

Why should people go and see The Fault in our Stars?

If you love crying you should definitely go. I cried the whole way through. It’s a really powerful movie and I feel like it’s gonna become a teen classic. The movie talks a lot about cancer, but it’s never dumbed down, it deals with it in a serious way. It’s a very powerful movie but it’s still so heart warming.

We love your choker in the video! What do you love about ’90s style?

I love that choker too. And when it comes to fashion I just like it to be fun and sexy. Right now my fashion inspirations are Rose McGowan, Mariah Carey and Morticia Addams.

What’s the summer got in store for Charli XCX?

I’m finishing my record and I’ll be playing some festivals like Beacons and T in the Park. Come and see my show!

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