It’s the 4 of July and that means fireworks, friends and good food (and potentially an opportunity for a little bit of shopping!) Who better than our newest New York girl crush Hailey Baldwin to tell us what she’s planning for the big break ahead. We stole some time with the blonde beauty to see what she’s planning for the big weekend break. From the parties and the style she’s pledging allegiance to – read on for more from the latest teen IT-girl.

Where’s home for you?

New York. I’ve lived there since I was 2. I love being in LA for periods of time, there’s always something fun to do there.

Where do you love to hangout when you’re in New York?

I love Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It’s one of those places where there’s so much to explore and there’s always new things happening. I also like to go to the Gray Dog in Chelsea, it’s a coffee place but they’ve got great salads and sandwiches.

What would be your ultimate 4th of July weekend?

Being with my friends on the beach with good food, great music and lots of fireworks! That’s actually exactly what I’ll be doing this year.

What will you be wearing for your 4th July party?

I will most likely just be in a bikini and shorts in the sunshine.

How would you describe your personal style?

Cute with a little bit of an edge.

What would be on your 4th of July playlist?

I love Kings of Leon so a lot of their music would have to be on there!

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