Fancy a dance? Then get yourself tickets to Eastern Electrics festival where you can spend ten hours straight with your hands in the air and the music turned way up. Starting as an underground rave back in 2007, the festival has now relocated to the vast grounds of Hatfield House outside London and boasts one of the strongest dance festival line-ups around. We caught a quick five minutes with two of the best DJs on the bill – Laura Jones and Monika Kruse.


After falling for house and techno on an Ibiza holiday, Laura Jones started making her own. Problems with her sight made pursuing the DJ dream that much harder, but after perseverance and hard work, she put her name on the map with club hit ‘Love In Me’ in 2011. Since then she hasn’t stopped, playing some of the hottest venues in the world and breathing new life into house classics like Romanthony’s ‘Let Me Show You Love.’ We chatted festival fashion and what it’s like to be a woman in the male dominated industry:

Have you played Eastern Electrics before?

I played there last August on the Just Jack stage and it was great! This year it’s just going to be on the one day so I’ll be able to stay and enjoy the whole thing from start to finish. Excited!

What are you planning on wearing for your set?

Festivals are always a little tricky as you have to prepare for eventualities weather-wise. I’m a big fan of Helmut Lang so I’m guessing I’ll undoubtedly be wearing something from him. I bought a really nice crepe knee-length marine blue dress from there recently so perhaps I’ll wear that with some festival-friendly boots.

Who are your go-to designers?

Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang are my favourite. I’m also a fan of Topshop concessions; there’s one in Oxford Circus called Miwa which is really nice, simple lines with nice cuts, colours and fabrics.

Do you face any challenges as a female DJ?

I do hear the odd sexist remark from people. One girl I met the first time I played in Detroit said men tell her she’s only being booked because of her sex which is obviously not cool at all. I got a little bit of that when I first started out – people didn’t quite take me seriously but that soon changed!


Monika’s DJs career spans some 24 years, making her one of the most reputable DJs in the biz. Classically trained in piano from the age of four, she started DJing during the early ‘90s while still a sociology student in Munich. She’s since racked up a string of chart toppers and her sets span hip hop, funk, soul and early deep and vocal house. We caught up with her on her inspirations and the songs she’s loving right now.

What inspires your music?

Dancing in the crowd, the love of my fans, my mood, the weather. Sometimes it’s easier to write a track if you’re filled with emotions – good or bad. Although a no-go is to be hungry in the studio!

How would you describe your style?

A mixture between sexy and hippy! I always like to be comfortable.

Any style icons?

I love Vivian Westwood.

What’s in your Eastern Electrics survival kit?

Earplugs, homeopathic salts and a smile!

What songs are topping your playlist right now?

“Cassiopaya” by Kölsch and “Cyclo” by Traumer

Catch Monika Kruse and Laura Jones play Eastern Electrics on the main stage on 2nd August. Check out the full line-up here