It’s all about holidays at Topshop right now. From our summer-ready Hotshop designs to the best books to take away with you, we’re making sure you have everything for a scorching vacay! But what about the packing itself? We asked Serena Guen, Editor of travel bible Suitcase Magazine to share her tried-and-tested tips…

Darren Gerrish for the Ladies Lunch

1.Go for the most lightweight suitcase you can find. Duffles are a good choice so you can fit in more shoes!

2. Always pack extra-large zip lock bags – they’re perfect for everything from liquids to wet bikinis

3. Bring a lightweight extra bag in case you go shopping while you’re away

4. Pack a mobile battery charger ­– there’s nothing worse than arriving in a foreign country without a phone

5. Be strategic and base your outfits around basics and staples, like a good pair of jeans and three different tops

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