It’s time to face up to the facts, CD’s are going the way of the tapes – just a funny shaped thing we once listened to music on. Since the adults at record companies sat up and noticed the popularity of streaming sites, and now include their data in the charts, there seems to be more websites than ever vying for the chance to be your one-stop music destination. There are the reliable big boys: Spotify, Deezer etc. But, if you want a summer playlist with a difference here’s where to find it:

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The Vibe: ‘an infinity pool of summer sounds’.

The Beat: fresh disco tunes and retro visuals.

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The Vibe: NME says, ‘the future of music sharing’.

The Beat: it’s a musical diary, a place to track and listen to that one song that’s stuck in your head on repeat.

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The Vibe: mixtapes by music nerds.

The Beat: playlists curated by people who love music.


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The Vibe: 20 million songs 0 adverts.

The Beat: Sharing playlists with friends is part of the Rdio USP so login and be nosy.