Whether it’s texting, Tinder or that macaroon pic you just shared on Instagram, tech has become a huge part of our everyday lives. But what about the art world? While you might think it’s limited to physical paintings and sculptures, a new generation of artists are leading the way for art on the internet. From online works ‘painted’ with code, to those composed entirely of algorithms, these talents are showing how art can adapt to and engage with new technologies – it’s like visiting a gallery without leaving your desk! Here’s three digital artists you need to know:

1. Graeme Rutherford

Graeme Rutherford‘s code-created work will fill your browser with bold colour and shape. Inspired by everything from relationships to early memories, each piece is available to buy through the domain name it lives on –  so while the whole world can view it, art-lovers can own an original and unique design online. Catch his latest exhibition, ‘Still Searching’, at the Neverland Gallery until 15th August.

2. Rafael Rozendaal

Creating digital art for over 10 years, Rafael Rozendaal is an early pioneer of web art. The New York-based Dutch-Brazilian artist creates captivating online pieces, using simple shapes in striking colours that move, bend, and twist continuously in ways that are never the same. Check out his famous ‘Kiss’ displayed on the world’s largest LED screen in Seoul Square – mesmerising.

3. Nicolas Sassoon

Remember the days of Brick Breaker and Pacman? Nicolas Sassoon takes inspiration from vintage computer graphics to create beautifully glitchy pixel paintings. But his art is anything but dated. Using animated GIFs, he creates his own online interpretations of painting and sculpture that live in the online space.

Like what you see? Then head to the sites below for even more digital art:

DevArt – Google’s platform for art made with code, dubbed as a place ‘where technology is the canvas and code is the raw material.’

The Space – A free website that commissions new talent from all art forms, creative industries, technical and digital backgrounds, through regular open calls and partnerships.

Paddles ON! Tumblr and Philips have joined forces with art curator Lindsay Howard to launch Paddles ON!, the UK’s very first exhibition and auction dedicated entirely to digital art.