It’s never been cooler to be a dork. From tech fans to culture nerds and thoughtful indie kids, having a brain is totally on trend. That why we’re channeling all things adorkable, (that’s adorable and dorky), with off-beat clothes that don’t just follow the ‘cool’ crowd. But who are the muses for this geek-girl look? We run down our top three adorkable girls…


Who? Susie Bubble (really name Susanna Lau) – one of the first ever bloggers and a front-row regular at Fashion Week

Adorkable credentials: Since starting her blog Style Bubble in 2006, her quirky look and tech-savvy skills have made her everyone’s fav fashion geek

Style? Next-level clashing – we’re talking at least five colours and textures per outfit. Fluro fluffy bag anyone?


Who? Tavi’s found fame at 11 yrs old with her fashion blog and now runs her own mag, Rookie – an online space for teenage girls

Adorkable credentials: As well as becoming a successful publisher before even leaving high school, Tavi’s been dubbed “the voice of a generation” and gives TED talks alongside the world’s top experts and ideas-generators. This girl’s got serious brains!

Style? Awkward silhouettes, off-kilter prints and seriously crazy hats make Tavi the poster girl for outsider chic

Who? ’90s Hollywood teen star best known for playing indie misfits in both American Beauty and Ghost World

Adorkable credentials: She wins top geek points for playing Enid Coleslaw in Ghost World. Based on a comic-book character, Enid’s encyclopaedic knowledge of off-beat culture and lightening quick-wit makes her the coolest geek in film

Style? Thick framed glasses, comic book tees, tartan kilts and clomping boots – you don’t get much more adorkable than that!

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