Attack of the Monday Blues? Fear not because help is at hand from synth pop four-piece Mausi. Formed by four uni friends after a summer spent hanging out in Milan, this band’s video for their debut track ‘My Friend Has A Swimming Pool’ will transport you to a pool party filled with sun-drenched fun. We caught up with frontwoman Daisy to discuss her ultimate pool party, from the dream guest list to the perfect poolside look.

Your dream pool party… Where would it be?

In a friend’s back yard – ideally that friend lives in an amazing house in LA.

Who’s on the guest list?

We would have Daft Punk manning the DJ booth. Ellen Degeneres and Pharrell Williams having a dance off. Bill Murray greeting the guests. Michael Jackson (as a hologram) dancing on the water.

Top track on the playlist?

‘September’ by Earth Wind and Fire on repeat. But also anything to get people dancing, some Breakbot, Disclosure, Phoenix, Goldroom, the list goes on…

What food would you serve? 

Pineapples and watermelon. Maybe a cheeky BBQ in the corner manned by somebody in a sparkly outfit. Or Gerard Depardieu.

And drinks?

Anything people want, as long as it’s in one of those cliché red cups they have in American college parties in movies.

What would you wear?

I’d go for a mismatch of old and new – definitely some statement bling with a vintage t-shirt. Also some glitter… it will find a way of getting on to your person at a party like this so you may as well give in and be glittered up from the get go.

How would you decorate?

Probably just some inflatable animals alongside the hologram of Michael Jackson.

What would you do if it rained?

Embrace the rain. Ain’t no weather stopping this party. Also if it happens to be in LA it’s less likely for that to happen…  Just saying…

Would you have any house rules?

There are no rules at a Mausi pool party.

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