WHO: Parisian designer Faustine Steinmetz.

WHAT: Our newest NEWGEN recipient’s very first presentation.

WHERE: At London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Usually the go-to space for contemporary art exhibitions and a cinema playing indie-films, Faustine took over a blacked out gallery space.

FRONT ROW: Bloggers and fashion students perched on the back wall of the space whilst Elle girls and Susie Bubble walked around the living-breathing-presentation.

COLLECTION IN 5 WORDS: Distressed, dishevelled, unravelled, rewoven, revamped.

PLAYLIST: The speakers played out a combination of grand string orchestras, babies screaming and silence. Dramatic to say the least.

WHAT WE LOVED: Hearing about the intricate and painstaking process! “The first outfit you see is completely bonded. It’s made from recycled denim,” said Steinmetz, “I unravelled so many pairs of jeans to create one unique pair.” (Last season, we fell for her rayon and copper trench.)

INSPIRED BY: “This is my first presentation so it’s all about becoming a label, a brand. I was inspired by advertisements like Chanel who do like Chanel swimwear, Chanel glasses – everything! So I wanted to do Faustine Steinmetz’s jeans, Faustine Steinmetz’s pens, Faustine Steinmetz’s candy!”

HERO PIECE: A fabulous frayed jacket, bleached to perfection.

HAIR & BEAUTY: Thom Walker gave the girls a fresh and dewy base with lots of gloss and heavy lids and Ben Talbott kept the hair equally no frills with mussed up middle partners and messy locks.

WHAT THE SHOW NOTES SAID: “This presentation explores the relation between the product itself and the way in which big houses present it to you.”

WHAT THE EDITORS SAID: @BritishVogue “Deconstructed denim to super proportions!”

Photos by Stylonylon. Words Karla Evans.